Ways To Give

Your tax-deductible support is important to help fulfill Shadybrook’s mission. We are committed to making our services accessible to anyone seeking to enhance their life and realize their human potential, regardless of background or financial status.

Our programs and scholarships are underwritten by the generous support of endowments and gifts.

Outstretched hand with love written in many languagesWe ask you to put your caring into action and stretch out your heart and hand. Here are some of the ways you can make a gift to Shadybrook:

Become a member

American Express isn’t the only one who can claim that “membership has its privileges.” A membership donation is the simplest form of gift to make, and one with so many rich rewards. We invite you to JOIN Shadybrook today.

Will your employer match your gift to Shadybrook?

Many people who make charitable donations are unaware that their gift may be eligible for matching funds from their employer. Companies often match employee gifts to nonprofit organizations.

I have been a member of the Shadybrook community for over 20 years. The organization has enriched my life through its loving members, enlightening programs, and spirit-lifting retreats. It seemed natural to include Shadybrook in my will, leaving a portion of my estate to the organization.

I hope you’ll consider making a bequest to Shadybrook as well, a practice more commonly known as “planned giving.” Your legacy gift will ensure that Shadybrook continues to fulfill its mission and provide quality programs that inspire both individual and social change.
.~Vic Leanza


A bequest is a provision in your will naming Shadybrook as a recipient of a part of your estate. It is flexible and easy. A bequest may be for a specific dollar amount, a percentage of your estate, or it may take the form of a trust. The taxable amount of your estate is reduced by the value of any charitable bequests.

Retirement Funds

Naming Shadybrook as a beneficiary of all or part of an IRA or qualified retirement plan could achieve both estate and income tax savings. The gift funds escape estate tax, leaving for your heirs other assets, which are not subject to additional income taxes. Shadybrook, as a not-for-profit organization, will not pay income tax and your heirs will receive their share of your estate without the burden of income taxes.


For more information on any of these plans, please contact our Membership & Volunteer Coordinator, Michelle Hudson, at michelle@shadybrook.org, or 216-556-5683.