Past Programming

Here is a small taste of some of our past programming events that you can continue to look forward to in the future!


HeartMath – Joining Heart, Mind and Technology

Using non-invasive biofeedback and heart centered feelings, HeartMath is helping athletes, students, business professionals and spiritual seekers achieve their goals by training them to align their hearts and minds, achieving a calm, focused effect on the nervous system.

The Dharma of Grateful Dead

Explore the lyrics of a number of Grateful Dead songs to uncover some of the spiritual teachings which they contain.

 Luminary Labyrinth Walk

Labyrinths are used throughout the world as a way to quiet the mind, recover balance in life, self-reflect, meditate and reduce stress.  A luminary labyrinth walk for you individually reflect and quiet your mind with your own special intentions. Tea lights were provided to all participants before they proceed through the labyrinth and as a way to remember the personal intentions of the evening. We encourage those who have never walked a labyrinth to come and enjoy the journey.

Annual Chagrin River Water Blessing & Reflection

A beautiful afternoon sharing your energy in blessing our local Chagrin River, whose tributaries run through numerous communities in northern Ohio until it reaches Lake Erie. We encouraged everyone to bring their own natural object that can be gently placed in the river, such as a sample of water, small stone, flower, etc. that may have a special meaning to you to contribute to the water blessing. This event is open to individuals of all backgrounds and religions who would like a devoted time to personally reflect and socialize with others.

Gong and Tibetan Singing Bowl Improvisation

Percussionist Paul Stranahan uses ancient instruments -gongs and Tibetan singing bowls- to make music that is completely modern and original. He creates sounds and moods that can range from soothing and meditative to chaotic and downright apocalyptic.

Honoring The Dream

Learn creative approaches for honoring and tracking your sleeping dreams. The tools of projective dream work will be shared, along with a short practice of the process.

Create Your Own Dream Catcher

In this workshop, participants learned the magical and calming art of dream-catcher making. You will learn the traditional weaving techniques of the inner web design as well as more abstract techniques to make something completely unique. Each participant will create their own dream-catcher by choosing a basic hoop structure, designing their inner web and adorning their dream catcher with feathers, beads, ribbon and more. No previous experience was necessary and all basic materials are included in the price of the workshop.

Author Presentations -

Caves, Huts and Monasteries with Mark Kacik – The discussion revolved around a photo collection that supported descriptions of the varying Buddhist traditions. Mark will shared his first-hand observations.

Create YOUR own Energetic Sand Mandala

Creating your own sand mandala by sprinkling brightly colored sand, to create panoramic paintings in minutes. It is a free flowing method. The sand is allowed to drop onto a white surface undisturbed. The images are then discovered and identified, through each participant’s interpretation of the art. As a participant you will create your own mandala and to culminate the day you will come together as a group and create a community mandala.

Sponsorships -

Shadybrook sponsored these events that welcomed all individuals and families from various backgrounds and beliefs:

Cleveland Pagan Pride

Changing the Race Dance – An InterPlay Project